Graphics, comics and other magics

Don’t get the same old tramp stamp, get one of these!*

*from “22 Tattoo Ideas” by Kurt Wolfgang

I’ve always loved comics and there are always thousands shots to know them more. One time I went to an annual book sale at Tronsmo, my favourite book store in Oslo. This sale has always attracted many bookworms like me, since it has a lot of cool and cheap goods! It’s like a heaven on earth. Or like a combination of pasta and bacon. Yummy.

Anyhow. I found some collectible old series of Mome, “a quarterly anthology showcasing the best new talent of this decade’s rising cartoon generation,” as quoted from its publisher website, Fantagraphics Books Inc. Man, I dig them! Without further scrutiny, I brought them home along with other books and comics, which I’m not going to talk for now.

I’ve never known so many new young cartoonists before and Mome gives this kind of knowledge. Along with various interesting works from different contributors, it also provides an interview with one of the artistes in each edition. This series also has sort of semi-fixed crew of contributors e.g. Sophie Crumb (she produced Enid’s notebook in the movie Ghost World) and Tom Kaczynski, and always superbly designed by Jordan Crane.

Since recently I’ve been so busy with some calamitous exams, I only have the chance to read the comics in the toilet. For your information, the newest edition of Mome is Vol. 12 – Fall 2008, which I haven’t possessed and perhaps, for now is the best situation.

Click here for a preview slideshow on Flickr!



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